Lift Station Servicing

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What Is A Lift Station in Meridian?

A residential or commercial lift station, otherwise known as a pump station, is an underground mechanical system connected to your sewer network that lifts and pumps out sewage and wastewater into a holding tank in areas where waste cannot otherwise be moved forward. It is a very important piece of your Boise-area sewer network.
Septic tank pumping in Kuna

Lift Station Maintenance

We service all residential and commercial sewage lift systems in Kuna, Cascade, Featherville, Idaho City, and throughout southwest Idaho. Our lift station servicing includes an inspection of the pumps, and then we wash out the tanks to make sure there is no scum left to harm your expensive pumps.
Southwestern Idaho home and business owners depend on us for our cutting-edge residential and commercial services for septic lift pump stations. ASAP Septic’s sanitary pump station servicing plays a fundamental role in managing your waste-water and sewage, and to keep your septic system running properly. When your lift station pump breaks or gets damaged, there is potential for big problems. That is why you need regular maintenance on your pump out station.

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We will set up your lift station maintenance in Emmett, Council, Donnelly, Featherville, and all areas of southwest Idaho, so you can rest easy knowing your system is in good hands. For more information, call ASAP Septic at (208) 991-7184. We look forward to working with you!