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Septic Tank Servicing

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Septic Services

Over the years, we’ve expanded our services  to include septic pumping, septic cleaning, septic system inspection, renting and servicing of portables bathrooms (Outhouses) and RV septic pumping both for residential and commercial customers. ASAP Septic also specializes in water pumping for flood conditions, snow removal and light excavation.

See our full service list below, and if you have something close – just go ahead and ask us – we’ll see what we can do for you!

Diagnosing if you need a septic service is easy just follow these simple steps to avoid confusion, time and get your drains back up and going…

Question:  Do you live outside of an incorporated city? Or if you live inside of the city do you pay for sewage disposal?

Answer: If you live in a city and are paying for sewage disposal than you most likely don’t have a septic issue. If your lines are backed up give us a call and we will be happy to help you with our drain line clearing expertise.   If you live outside of a city than there is a good chance you are in need of a septic service.

Question: Are your drains slow, do you have septage or water backing up in a shower toilet or sink, are your drains gurgling, do you smell septic?

Answer: You either have a septic related issue or a plugged drain line.

Question: Do you know the location of your septic system?

Answer: if you don’t know the location of your septic system don’t worry we are here to help we can locate and dig up your septic system for the service.

Question: Has it been more than two years since your last septic service?

Answer: The recommended service interval on all septic tanks is 2-5 years. If you have     past the recommended 2-5 years call us we will be happy to help you.

Septic Tank Locating

Don’t know where your septic system or drain lines are located?  We can locate your septic system and drain lines using the latest video technology.

We can also pull all available state records of your septic system to help in location, size, installation date and direction of your leach field.

Don’t worry again about where your septic system may be hiding, give us a call and we can take the worry out of it for you.

Real Estate Septic Inspections

We provide a complimentary inspection on every septic system we service. NO hidden charges.

Selling or buying a home?  We’ll service and inspect your septic system to make sure there are no issues,and everything is in good working order. We’ve completed hundreds of inspections and you can put your trust in us to stand behind our work.

We have a long list of happy home buyers and real estate agents.

Grease trap or grease interceptor installation

Not only do we service grease traps for commercial establishments and restaurants, but we also install them by employing our years of experience into every job we do.

We are happy to assist our commercial customers with new or re-done grease traps and grease interceptors.

Please give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you about installing a grease trap or grease interceptor today.

Lifting Station Pumps and Tanks

We service all septage lifting stations for both commercial and residential applications.

Our lifting station service includes an inspection of the pumps and we wash out every tank to insure there is no scum left to cause your expensive pumps any harm.

Give us a call today and we can set up a maintenance schedule for your lifting station so you don’t have to worry about it being plugged up and causing damage to your expensive pumps.

Hydro Jetting – Clogged Drain Lines

If you have a plugged line due to roots, grease, sludge or ice let us hydro jet the line and clear the problem before it creates even bigger problems.

We can run 500 feet of Hydro jetting line to tackle big problems for both residential and commercial applications.

If you have a grease trap we run our hydro jetting hand in hand with our grease trap services to ensure drain lines are clear of any potential blockages.

Septic System Installation

At ASAP Septic we install both basic and complex septic systems. We use local tank manufacturers and can get new or re-done systems in the ground fast.

We pride ourselves in our installation and making long lasting trouble free systems.  We routinely walk customers through the process of permitting through completion and are happy to install systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our rates are very competitive. Please give us a call and we can discuss your new septic system.

Pervious Concrete Cleaning

Do you have pervious concrete (drainage concrete) located at your home or business? If so we can assist you in cleaning and keeping your pervious pavement in working order and keeping the water draining.

We utilize our vacuum trucks to remove the dirt and debris from the pervious concrete and taking it with us, so it no longer can cause you drainage issues.

We have a list of delighted customers in the treasure valley.

Give us a call and we would be happy meet with you and give you a quote to clean your pervious concrete as well as to set up a maintenance schedule.

Video Inspection of Drain Lines

Do you have concerns about the condition of your drain lines? If so we can inspect them with the latest technology in color video cameras. We provide real estate inspections as well as inspections for home owners who have had reoccurring issues with drainage lines and want to know why their lines keep backing up. Take the guess work out and give us a call.

We can also use our video cameras on irrigation piping and underground culverts to assess problems with blockages.

Our cameras go out to 400 feet so there is no job to big.

Give us a call and you can watch the video monitor with us!

Drain Line Cleaning and Toilet Blockage

If you have a backed up toilet or drainage line give us a call and our team of highly qualified and trusted individuals will help you. We have every size of snake as well as hydro jetting to tackle jobs from big to small in both residential and commercial buildings.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction above everything else. We wont leave until your drains are working or we have figured out why and an appropriate fix is diagnosed.

Our list of services to clear drain lines is almost endless but we specialize in helping home owners and small business owners.

Does your Septic System need Servicing?

Septic pumping… Is your septic system backed up? Do you have gurgling drains or poor drainage? If so you most likely need your septic system pumped, cleaned and inspected.

Most systems require service every 2-5 years depending on the size of the house hold, size of the tank and condition of the tank and the leach field. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to service your septic system.

We use several different trucks and have the availability to pump large and small septic systems. We have small trucks with four wheel drive that can reach hard to get residences in remote parts of the state as well as our midsize and large trucks that can tackle projects up to 4,500 gallons at a time there is no job too big or too small for us.

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