Septic Tank & Drain Line Locating

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Need Help Finding Your Septic Tank in Meridian, ID?

Don’t know where your septic system or drain lines are located? ASAP Septic can locate them using the latest video technology, and take the stress out of trying to find them yourself.
We also use the following information to find the size, location, and installation of your septic system, and the direction of your drain/leach field. 

1. Check State Records
If your home was built after it was mandatory to record the information, the location of the septic tank could be in the public property records. It could also be in your home inspection paperwork, if you recently purchased your home.

2. Inspect the Backyard
Septic tanks are installed as discreetly as possible so as not to be noticeable in your yard. Sometimes, however, there are clues as to their whereabouts. Most tanks are buried 6 inches to 4 feet underground. A small mound or indent in the land could indicate a buried tank. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality requires tanks to be spaced at least 5 feet from the home.

3. Check Indoor Pipes
We can confirm the location of the septic tank using a soil probe to follow the pipes from your house.

4. What To Do If You Find It Yourself
If you have found your tank, do NOT open it yourself. Septic tanks should be handled by licensed professionals to avoid hazards. Older tanks can have rusted or corroding lids, which could collapse. Some tanks require special tools to open them, and they can emit toxic fumes. Often there is an opening on top for a septic pump vacuum hose to fit into so that the tank can be pumped clean. Opening a septic tank is not only a health hazard, but it can be fatal if you fall in.

Septic and Drain Line Locator Services

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All septic tank maintenance, pumping and inspections should be done by a professional septic tank pumping company. Disposing of septic tank waste in a river, creek, ditch, pond, or anywhere else is a serious offense! ASAP Septic will transport the waste in our sealed vacuum truck to an approved disposal and treatment facility, where the waste will be processed safely. 
Call ASAP Septic today at (208) 991-7184 and see how we can help you to find your septic tank and drain/leach field in Mountain Home, Garden Valley, Murphy, Parma, Crouch, Caldwell, Emmett, and all surrounding areas.